Chin Community Victoria Inc. aims to support the successful settlement of  Chin migrants  from Myanmar; Offering guidance, support and helps to community members to participate fully in Australian society and life, while taking pride in Chin cultural heritage.


San Thar Laam kan Lai Tlawng nauhak pawlin CHIN NATIONAL DAY ah an laam

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Happy Chin National Day!! Voi 70nak Chin National Day cu sunglawi le nuam zetin kan unau Hakha, Mizo le Zo pawl thon kan hmang. Kan mino pawlin..

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Melbourne Chin National Day lawmnakah, Unau dang thawn nuam tlang ding in nan zaten kan lo sawm!! A Caan: 6:30-10PM, Address: 89 Monbulk Rd,..

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Chin National Day tla nai vivo thlang! Kan mino pawl tla Sports zuamawk nakah le Laam zirah an buai rero!

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Women Department pawl Puanthit an zir

Kan CCV Nu pawl cun Puan thit an zir thawk tlang. Kan phur tlang in zir khal a nuam an ti nasa. 

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Office Building Construction started!!

Kan CCV Office Building thar ding cu sak an thawk rero zo. A lungawi um nasa

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CCV Nu pawl leh MP Michael Sukkar te Nupa

Kan Nu Department pawl in kan Federal MP Michael Sukkar leh a Nupi Anna cu mawi zet in kan Laithuam thawn an zukpi.    

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Kan Women Department pawl in Khawl thar an nei

Kan Women Department pawl in puan thit/Sewing program hrangah Khawl thar an lei. CCV pawl in kan lungawi pi zet.

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Maroondah City Council Grant $1100

We are so glad and proud to announce that we are a recipient of $1100 Maroondah City Council Grant 2015. This grant is for our Community Youth Group cultural dance performance expences and hosting our cultural events. 

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